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Penn State Men’s Soccer are 2013 B1G Champions!

On a cloudy and cold late October day Penn State Men’s Soccer took the field. A win against Northwestern would give them the Big Ten Championship outright, a tie would give them a share of the title. It was an incredibly close fought game. NW had been ranked ahead of PSU for […]

A few of the many who made Mack's Teepee possible.

Mack’s Teepee Dedication Day

The only thing missing this morning was Mack. His great friends, teammates, and school mates, were there. His favorite pancakes: chocolate chip and banana. The morning was crisp and bright. And, “Mack’s Teepee”  was dedicated; a permanent addition to the playground at Park Forest Elementary school that was funded by […]

Mack’s Teepee

Yesterday, October 3, 2013, the Teepee at Park Forest Elementary School built in Mack’s honor and memory was completed! The kids were thrilled to be able to play on it. Mack’s second grade teacher, Mrs. Wilson, shared that one of her students said, I LOVE how we call it Mack’s […]