Mack’s Mom

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Reflections on loss by Mack’s Mom, Elizabeth.


This is by Edgar Guest (1881-1959). I came across it this week and thought I would share. There was another similar story I heard told on a radio program that always stuck with me: A woman meets her husband at the door upon his arrival home from a trip. She […]

A few of the many who made Mack's Teepee possible.

Mack’s Teepee Dedication Day

The only thing missing this morning was Mack. His great friends, teammates, and school mates, were there. His favorite pancakes: chocolate chip and banana. The morning was crisp and bright. And, “Mack’s Teepee” ¬†was dedicated; a permanent addition to the playground at Park Forest Elementary school that was funded by […]

Walking a new path

I heard the announcement for the upcoming “Mack Brady” night September 13 at the Penn State Men’s soccer game last Friday and it struck me. What has happened the past 8 months since Mack suddenly died on New Year’s Eve? This “Mack Brady” is our silly, sweet Mack who should […]