Remembering Mack and supporting Penn State Men's Soccer
Remembering Mack and supporting Penn State Men's Soccer

Prayers ascending

We had a wonderful time with Elizabeth’s family over Thanksgiving. We were at Isle of Palm, South Carolina and while the temperature was about 15 degrees cooler than expected the sun shone brightly. Two months ago I attended the funeral of a wonderful woman who had lived a full life and is survived by a tremendous family including a number of grandkids. After the celebration of life service and at the suggestion of a grandson who was Mack’s age, the grandchildren released balloons that contained messages to their beloved Grandmother.

E and I thought it was a wonderful way to help the young (and old) children cope with their loss. We decided to do the same over Thanksgiving. Before dinner we blew up a number of balloons, the kids wrote their messages to Mack, they were then tied to a chair set in honor of Mack, and after dinner were released into a glorious setting sun. Powerful and wonderful for everyone involved.

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