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This page is an archive of stories about Mack’s passing, the Scholarship, and various events in his memory and honor. 

The month following his passing

John C on Mack's Teepee

John C on Mack’s Teepeea


Mack Brady Games – Penn State Soccer Celebrating Mack’s Life

Mack’s Teepee

Park Forest Elementary, spurred on by Mack’s friends John and Adalee, raised funds for a teepee in Mack’s memory. You can find the full story at the CDT. The dedication was October 26, 2013 with a wonderful pancake breakfast that more than 200 people attended.

Zach, Mack's Cousin at the Second Mack Brady Clinic

Zach, Mack’s Cousin at the Second Mack Brady Clinic

The Second Annual Mack Brady Soccer Clinic

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