Remembering Mack and supporting Penn State Men's Soccer
Remembering Mack and supporting Penn State Men's Soccer

Coach Warming Reflects on the Year

Chris asked me if I could send a quote for the website about what the Mack Brady Fund has meant this year to the program. I don’t believe I can distill in a single quote all that the endowment has meant to our current team and coaches. It has meant so much to us in so many ways.

In brief, we, as coaches and teachers, want to prepare our students to be thought-filled in college and prepared when they leave Penn State. Perhaps the most important lesson our players can learn is that their fragile and precious life should be lived fully and thankfully.

Mack Brady dreamed of playing for Penn State. The players have taken to heart that they are living Mack’s dream. They appreciate the opportunity to live his dream. They smile and laugh during every practice session. Even the most difficult ones! They are so happy to be doing what they do. We are living the dream life of others…and ourselves…and are so humbled by all those that support this fantastic opportunity by donating to the fund.

We are honored to wear Mack’s patch on our uniforms. Its a reminder how fun it is to experience the challenge of what we do on the field. It is a reminder of how many others dream of doing what we do, and how fortunate we are to be at Penn State where kind people support the fund, the Brady family, and Penn State soccer.

The funds derived from the Mack Brady endowment will forever help us recruit, retain and develop the best corp of goalkeepers in America. My special thanks to all of you who honor Mack’s dream by supporting the students at Penn State who wear his patch.


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