Remembering Mack and supporting Penn State Men's Soccer
Remembering Mack and supporting Penn State Men's Soccer

Celtics Share about Mack

Last night we had the great blessing of four of Mack’s friends participating in “State of the Story.” This particular night was part of our “Learning to Live” initiative and the Ryan, Mike, Quinn, and Colin shared their memories of Mack. They were kind enough to also allow me to share the video with you.

Elizabeth reflected,

Tonight we had the absolute honor of hearing Ryan, Mike, Colin and Quinn share their own stories at The State Theatre. They were hilarious and poignant memories of Mack and how they continue to carry him on the soccer field and in their own lives. Mack’s life was richer because of his great friends. In another day of random terror [the Brussels attack] a quote from Buechner helped me recognize again the tension that we all live with: “At no time more than at a painful time do we live out of the depths of who we are instead of out of the shallows.”

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