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The Keeper is a Lonely Position

The goalkeeper has a thankless position. Sure, occasionally, spectacularly they are the hero, stopping unlikely shots. Zac Macmath has stopped 3 PKs in the last two weeks. But then…. A forward can miss dozens of time, but “at least he is putting it on goal.” In their game this week, […]

Coach Warming Reflects on the Year

Chris asked me if I could send a quote for the website about what the Mack Brady Fund has meant this year to the program. I don’t believe I can distill in a single quote all that the endowment has meant to our current team and coaches. It has meant […]

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The qualities of a goalkeeper – brave and strong

From the father of one of our Penn State Goalkeepers. Chris – recently saw this in an article about Petr Cech, and wanted to share it as I thought it captures very well what I’ve heard about Mack as a great young man and goalkeeper. As Cech puts it, to […]

From Tim Howard

Needless to say, Tim Howard one of Mack’s heroes. I would ask Mack if he wanted to be like Tim someday and his response was invariable, “Yeah, but better!” That is the confidence you need to be a goalkeeper! We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the […]