Remembering Mack and supporting Penn State Men's Soccer

Día De Muertos: Eat, Speak, and Remember

Some thoughts as we enter the season of remembrance. Read it in full here.

I have come to appreciate that memory lives in a separate space and at times Mack and I share a moment. Often I laugh out loud and “re-member” Mack’s great laugh and feel his warm spirit because we always laughed together.

As I stroll through the stores looking at the Halloween décor, endless bloody knives, skulls, bats, gravestones, and the recent emergence of the terrifying clown, it strikes me that we have a culture steeped in death, but these are images of violent death moments. What these images can’t begin to tell is the story of the mysterious and vibrant relationship we can choose to have with our loved ones beyond death.

Día De Muertos: Eat, Speak, And Remember
Halloween 2012.

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