Remembering Mack and supporting Penn State Men's Soccer

A Funeral, A Wedding, Graduations And One Unwanted Guest

An essay from Elizabeth recently posted on

It has been six and a half years since our son, Mack, died suddenly on New Year’s Eve 2012, just shy of his ninth birthday. As the many of us who learn to live newly after loss, we take it on as a part of our lives and learn to carry Mack with us through life. So, as we entered this spring season of passages including a funeral, a wedding, and a handful of graduations, I was surprised by my fatigue.

I have learned enough over the years to recognize when something is calling for my attention. In some ways I think my soul knew before my brain. When I woke up on the Saturday after we returned home, I intentionally came to my morning spot with my coffee and read and prayed and wrote in my journal to tap into my feelings, but there was something stirring. So, instead of setting off with my Saturday to-do list, I sat quietly to allow room for my spirit to speak to me. After an hour or so the tears began flowing and I couldn’t turn them off, so I let them come.

Read it all, “A Funeral, A Wedding, Graduations And One Unwanted Guest.

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